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PEZ Plan

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Cricket is a social sport with a variety of formats. Games can be played in a host of environments, ranging from 15 minutes to five days.

It's a team sport, but the three key elements - batting, bowling, fielding - rely on individual skills.

Traditionally it's played on a field with 11 players per side but there are now many other ways to play newer, scintillating styles - within sports halls, local parks, playgrounds and, in some cases, cages!


You can set up a version of Junior Cricket using a PEZ surface. Below are the outline rules but you can view a detailed handbook below.

Format: Pairs cricket

  1. Playing area: A 13.7m (15 yards) pitch, surrounded by a 30m boundary – all within the outfield •

  2. Game length: The game should last one innings of 12 overs per team and no longer than two hours

  3. Equipment: Use a light rubber ball. For the bats, plastic is fine

  4. Set up the ground using cones and stumps.

  5. Players: Two teams of six

  6. Batting

    1. The batting team form three pairs. Each pair bats for four overs, with the coaches doing their bit to ensure players share the strike

    2. At this age getting time at the crease isn’t just fun, it’s essential. If a player is given out five runs are added to the fielding teams score but they continue to bat

    3. Batters swap ends at the end of each over

    4. When a player is given out they swap the strike • Batters can be given out in the following ways - bowled, caught, run out, stumped and hit wicket

    5. No Leg Before Wicket (LBW) unless the batter deliberately blocks the ball with their leg or foot

    6. Once the four overs are done, the next pair take the field. Once the 12 overs are complete and all three pairs have batted, the innings is over

  7. Bowling

    1. All six players bowl two overs each, all from the same end. This way, they are never waiting long for a chance to take a wicket

    2. Umpires should encourage players to bowl with a straight arm

    3. Keep run-ups short to ensure a fast-paced match

    4. There are only six deliveries per over. No balls and wides are not re-bowled apart from in the final over

    5. Rotate the fielders so that everyone gets a feel for the different positions



All Stars Cricket

All Stars Cricket is the England and Wales Cricket Board’s entry level participation programme, aimed at providing children aged five to eight with a great first experience in cricket.