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PEZ Volleyball
PEZ Volleyball

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PEZ Isometric volleyball

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Volleyball is an exciting, competitive game that offers an amazing workout through aerobic exercise. Plus it encourages you to think tactfully, giving your mind a workout too.

It is a popular sport, enjoyed by thousands of people in leisure centres, schools and universities and can be played both indoors and outdoors.


There are a great variety of activities that can be played to develop the basic volleyball skills.

Keepie Uppie

Playing solo in groups of  2, 3 or 4 the aim is to stop the ball touching the floor:

A net can, but doesn’t have to be used

The game can be played standing up (volleyball) or sitting down (sitting volleyball).

Count how many times could you keep the ball in the air

Different challenges:

  • Clapping in between each pass

  • Increase / decrease the distance between the group

  • The ball must travel above head-height each contact

  • Most volleys in a minute


Can you dig it?


Two players stand on opposite ends of the side-lines. (Option to work in threes, one person acting as a leader:

Player 1 throws the ball underarm to the player 2.

Player 2 starts sat down on a bench, as they stand up and complete progressive actions:

            1) Catch ball between knees

            2) Clap before catch

            3) Contact ball with forearms (dig)

Once players have progressed, change the catch to a dig and return the ball back to the server.

Challenge description:

  • Three points if they catch the ball

  • Two points if they get in the right position but don’t catch the ball

  • One point if the ball touches their arms

  •  The player who scores the most points after 5 digs wins.


A brief overview of the game includes:

The Basics

  • One of the teams begins a 'rally' by serving the ball - which is done by tossing, or releasing it and then hitting it with a hand or arm. The opposing team are then allowed a maximum of three 'touches' to return the ball over the net and play continues.

  • Any member of the receiving team may touch the ball. A player cannot touch the ball twice consecutively but could have the first and third touch before the ball is returned. If a player violates this rule or otherwise kills the ball then they concede the point.

  • A traditional match is the best of five sets, with each set won by the first team to reach 25 points, provided they are ahead by a minimum of two points. If the match does go to five sets then the final set is often the first to reach 15 points, rather than 25.

  • The server stands at the back of the court and can serve either over- or under-arm into the opponent’s side of the court

  • The ball must be hit - not caught

  • Whichever team wins the point then goes on to serve

  • Every time your team wins the serve from the other team your players rotate their position on court – clockwise so that everyone gets a chance to serve



VolleySport is a fun 2v2, modified version of the game, designed for players with little or no experience of Volleyball or beginner groups starting Volleyball for the first time. VolleySport uses smaller courts, softer balls and allows catch & throw and catch and release movements to ensure players of all abilities can enjoy and achieve.

Getting started

  • Teams are 3-a-side with two players on court at one time.

  • Net height 2.15m.

  • Teams have three touches to return the ball over the net.

Quick rules

  • Minimum two touches and maximum three touches to get ball over the net.

  • Catch and throw allowed on first contact.

  • Catch-release allowed for volley/second contact, player can catch above their head and throw it from the same position.

  • Serve can be an underarm two-handed throw or underarm serve.

  • Kicking the ball is not allowed and will result in a loss of point.

  • Substitute rotates on after team win back the right to serve.

  • Serving team rotates to new server after three consecutive points.

  • First team to 15 points or six to eight minute time limit.