Athletics offers the widest range of choice of any sport as its various disciplines provide the opportunity to throw, run or jump.

Athletics is inclusive - The different disciplines suit different body shapes and sizes.

Schools across the UK have their own athletics competition each year at the annual sports day where kids can try out some of the different disciplines. By adding fun elements everyone can have some fun while learning the fundamental skills of the sport.


But these don't have to be a once-a-year treat. All you need is a park and some props and you can create your own mini games whenever you like.


You can utilise a PEZ surface to create any athletic activities, running, throwing jumping etc. Teach the basic skills of athletics i.e. running, jumping and throwing, as an introduction for every child to physical activity in general, and aim to hold interest and foster general interest and enjoyment of all.

  • Use the track element for sprints, distance or hurdles

    • Sprinting should allow the child to maintain maximum speed over a short distance. You can also introduce relay events. The recommended distances are:-

      • Year 3 & 4 : 50 metres. Year 5 & 6 : 80 metres / 100 metres

    • Hurdles Recommended heights:

      • Year 3 & 6 : 50 or 60 metres - height 59-61cm – 5 or 6 hurdles - spacing to suit the individuals.

  • Use the lines as a starting point for jumping or throwing

    • Encourage Standing Long Jump and Standing Triple Jump

You could also create combined events by scoring multiple disciplines. The ESSA has produced a handy guide on each discipline based on their awards programme.


For more information on the detailed rules download the guide here - or visit England Athletics website.


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