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It's an 11 a-side team game, where the aim is to score a goal in the opposing team's net. Each player passes a small hard ball around the pitch with a hooked stick. The winner is the team which scores the most goals.

There are different variations of the game, so hockey is for everyone, regardless of age, ability or gender. There's also a real social side, with a culture of team bonding off the field.



Quicksticks is designed to introduce young people to the game of hockey. It is 4-a-side, can be played on any surface, and uses a larger, lighter and safer ball. It is a fun, fast, safe and exciting game that has been designed so that anyone can deliver the game, regardless of previous hockey experience.

A range of equipment has been designed specifically for Quicksticks, including a larger, lighter and safer ball, and different sized sticks all featuring teaching aids on the artwork.

It is enjoyable to play for players of both genders and all hockey abilities. No goalkeepers are required and it offers all players full involvement and increased playing time.

Smaller teams and simpler rules make the game of hockey more exciting by reducing stoppages, minimising danger; and maximising ball contact and involvement. Players are also given a chance to have a go at managing and umpiring.

Basic Rules:

The field of play is the size of a standard netball court and a team consists of six players; four of which are on the field of play at any one time, with the remaining two team members encouraged to take on leadership roles such as umpiring and managing. It is suggested that the leadership roles are rotated among the team at the end of each playing period.

The game of Quicksticks is played in three periods, with games lasting for up to 30 minutes for 11 year olds and just over 20 minutes for 7-8 year olds.

No Goalkeepers

Quicksticks does not include goalkeepers making it safe, accessible, cost and time effective.


Fewer Players

Quicksticks is played 4-a-side offering all players full involvement and increased playing time.


Fewer Stoppages

Many rules from full 11-a-side hockey have been taken out or simplified to make Quicksticks easier to deliver and play. This also results is fewer stoppages meaning more playing time.


Leadership Roles

Quicksticks offers excellent leadership development opportunities for youngsters with a variety of leadership roles available including umpiring and coaching/managing. The rules of Quicksticks are very simple allowing the players themselves to umpire the games.


Scoring a Goal

A goal is scored when the ball has been struck or deflected off a player’s stick (either an attacker’s or a defender’s) from within the shooting area (circle), and it crosses completely over the goal-line between the goalposts and under the cross-bar.


Match Official:

A person who is deemed responsible (teacher, parent, coach) for a team shall be named as a ‘Match Official’. There shall be two Match Officials per game (one from each team).

Match Officials shall have a ‘duty of care’ for each participant and must supervise the game and assist the players and the umpires in creating an environment of fair play and safety